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beer_pongMany people remember their adolescent years as being a fun and exciting part of their life, but this may not be the case if you are an adolescent coping with a drug problem. Any teen may have trouble dealing with the emotional, biological, and social changes that typically occur at this time, but adding a drug problem to the mix may turn your adolescent world upside down.

You may be a teen growing up in Missouri or Michigan, and the negative effects of your addiction may underscore your need for medical treatment and support. Locating a good rehab center, taking an active role in your treatment program, and doing all that you can to stay clean and sober may help you transition from being a troubled teen with a substance abuse problem to a sober and productive adolescent.

Tensions may occur between you and other family members even without a substance abuse issue to deal with, but the changes that result from your drug use may create a tremendous amount of anger, confusion, and chaos in your home.

Your drinking or using use may cause you to lash out or become withdrawn, and your parents or guardians may respond to your mood swings with angry words or actions. Your school attendance or academic progress may suffer as a result of your drug use, and intervention and treatment may be your only option for halting this type of downward spiral.

You may have teachers or counselors who may be able to point you in the right direction, but consulting your doctor may be your best option in terms of finding a safe and effective treatment regimen.

Your rehab may start with detoxification, and getting the drugs out of your system may strengthen you physically and emotionally. Your detox treatment may be most successful with medical supervision, and your ongoing treatment may continue on an outpatient or inpatient basis.

You may need to work with nutritionists, addiction counselors, and other rehab specialists, and your teen rehab program may allow you to attend school and keep up with your curricular activities. Overcoming your substance dependency may be one of the most challenging tasks of your adolescent or adult life, but you may end up with renewed friendships, academic success, and a promising future once your problem is under control.

The people in your immediate family may need counseling to deal with their feelings and behaviors regarding your drug use. Many twelve step programs are designed for the relatives of adolescent addicts, and these informative meetings may provide the support that your family needs. Medical intervention, family support, and continuing rehab may help you overcome your problem once and for all.

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