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binge_drinking_poisoningWhen a Mississippi adolescent is discovered to have a drug problem – whether it’s a problem with illegal drugs or something out of the medicine cabinet, parents need to respond quickly in order to ensure the teen has the best chances of recovery. With effective treatment, a drug addiction can be managed so the teen is able to stop the downward spiral. Many teens are able to leave their substance abuse behind, complete college, have a successful career and happy family life.

Most teens do better in rehab programs located within a close vicinity of their homes (We recognize, however, that this is not always possible. The surrounding states in the region [Louisiana, Alabama, Arkansas, and Tennessee] also have services that may be worth investigating.). Adolescents need the input of parents as they undergo therapy for their drug addiction. In most cases, parents will be asked to take part in family counseling.

Theses sessions are essential to the teen living in abstinence after treatment. Family counseling focuses on communication between the parent and the teen suffering from the drug addiction.

Often these lines of communication have been disrupted through the substance abuse. What was once a positive means of communication may have degraded into a destructive type. The counselor will work with the family and adolescent to rebuild trust and establish communication that is supportive.

Adolescent drug treatment also makes positive use of peers through group counseling. As parents know, teens are greatly influenced by their peers. With a group setting, moderated by a trained counselor, the group sessions provide the positive lessons needed by teenagers who need to avoid situations that might trigger their drug use once again.

Teens also benefit from individual counseling. As the Mississippi teen meets one-on-one with the counselor, he has the opportunity to talk through incidents that he may not be able to discuss with the larger group. This private counseling allows the individual to work through these issues and lay a basis for a life of sobriety.

Drug use among teenagers often results in rebellion against any type of authority, including those at school. Many begin to develop academic problems quickly. As a result, they may be behind in school credits needed to progress toward graduation.

Most residential programs include an educational element that helps student get back on track academically. They often work in classrooms at the center that have a low student to teacher ratio needed for success.

They also learn skills needed to work with teachers when they return to their normal classroom after treatment. These skills can be transferred once the student moves into the working world.

Mississippi parents must act quickly in order to provide the rehab needed for their child when they are discovered to have a problem. By the time the teen’s substance abuse is discovered, it may have already caused problems. Once discovered, rehabilitation can help the teen to get out of the trap of addiction. It can also save a teen’s life from the effects of an overdose or death.

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