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Know the signsMillions of people in the US are addicted to drugs and with each passing year more are added to this worrying statistic. Drug abuse is the biggest preventable health issue in the US; thousands of people lose their lives and this translates to thousands of families being robbed of the people they love. Substance abuse is not a problem affecting just a few states in the country but rather, it is widespread.

There are many addicts in Maryland just like in other parts of the country and quite a number of those are adolescents. An increasing number of teens in Maryland are falling into addiction. Various harmful and addictive substances can easily be purchased in schools without much ado. As a result of this, it has become necessary to initiate rehabilitation programs that specifically target adolescents.

Once the young addict has been confronted and made to understand the dangers of substance dependence, preferably through a professionally organized intervention, rehabilitation can commence. There many interventionists in Maryland that can assist in making all this happen.

Drug treatment for teens in Maryland can be broadly categorized into outpatient and inpatient programs. Under each option, the first thing that will happen is detoxification whose purpose is to flush the addict’s system of all traces of their substance of choice. This can either be performed independently before counseling begins, or at par with the same.

Inpatient programs are designed for addicts with near uncontrollable addiction. In this case, the adolescent will be checked into a facility for a number of weeks where they will be provided with the correct help. In such facilities, it’s not expected that these young addicts will participate in the day to day chores like cooking, cleaning, laundry and other activities since this will typically be taken care of by staff members.

The idea is to have the individual concentrate on recovery and nothing else. Counseling is performed on a daily basis and the sessions can either be one on one or in a group setting.

Outpatient programs offer counseling without requiring the teen to check into any facility. There are usually weekday counseling sessions as well as those that take place during the weekend.

For weekday sessions, the young addict can preferably show up after school and undergo a few hours of counseling either in the presence of other struggling teenagers or alone. Weekend sessions usually last longer than weekday ones because they are only available for two days at most.

A number of therapies and treatment methods are used under both inpatient and outpatient options. In Maryland, the 12-step method is common among Christian based facilities; other approaches include the non 12-step method and the holistic approach. Under both options, a physical and psychological assessment has to be performed before rehabilitation can officially commence. Please keep in mind that there are also numerous services outside the state in nearby West Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. This may be a convenient option for you and your family, depending where you are located.

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